Huck Finn in space? It’s the part of the story Mark Twain left out. Huck sets it straight now, his and Jim’s involuntary diversion across the galaxy while ‘twixt Memphis and Natchez on the “mighty Mississip.”

The Demon Lord – squat, green, mean, dumber than snuff loser – flails in his attempt to take over the Green Empire. He’s willing to flaunt Galactic Law and kidnap help from the proscribed planet of Dirt, whose denizens take to mental and physical enhancement far better than Blues, Greens, Yellows – whole dang rainbow of other color people.

Hooky-playing, responsibility-dodging, 13-year-old super Huck Finn gets turned into a fearsome super star trooper commander. Jim becomes a galactic-class Bruce Lee squared, multiplied, and added some more. But it’s long, lonesome  light years from the freedom of the river.

Good news? Two companions — the Rightful King of France and the Duke of Bilgewater, the con men Huck rescued — also have super powers but continue to steal everything not nailed down and pry up some more. Bad news? They’re all slaves with explosive collars and the Demon Lord’s got plans, now that Huck’s winning battles and capturing princesses for him, to enslave just about everybody in whole blame universe.

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